Captains of the world medical business together with NMRRC will develop technologies and techniques against cancer.

Scientific and production capacities of organizations will focus on the development of technologies against cancer.  The document was signed by an academician, a director general of FSBI «NMRRC» of the Russian Ministry of Health, a chief off-staff oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health Andrey Kaprin. The parties will join efforts to develop, implement and improve modern technologies for the production of high-tech equipment and innovative radionuclide products and radiopharmaceuticals based on them for nuclear medicine and medical radiology.

“It’s very important that memorandum with NMRRC is signed in the year of suppression of oncopathology”, - said a director general of a holding company “Shvabe”, part of state Corporation ROSTECH, Alexey Patrikeev. «The holding company “Shvabe” sets a high value on the development of nuclear medicine and medical radiology in Russia. We consider the scientific and medical potential of NMRRC, where we can conduct research and tests, work out new medical solutions in the required volumes » - said Mr. Patrikeev.

Under the agreements the parties can use previously obtained groundwork, scientific developments, prototypes, samples and other results of scientific and technical activity. 

“First of all, I’d like to thank for the trust, that our colleagues give us by signing this agreement, "- mentioned  Andrey Kaprin.  “We promise to fit with the high expert level. And we thank our colleagues for paying great attention to the development of modern medical technology – it would be impossible to realize such ambitious plans without it", – said the academician.

In the course of the annual state of the federation address in March 2018 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said about the necessity of modernization of cancer centers and forming up of smoothly running chain – from early diagnostics to timely cancer treatment.

"The document signed by us today emphasizes once again the focus of “Rosatom” state Corporation on cooperation strengthening with the leading Institute in the field of cancer control," commented Denis Cherednichenko, a director general of   "RHK", who represented “Rosatom” state Corporation at the ceremony.       

Special attention of journalists was focused on the third agreement for two reasons. It was signed by the founder of the largest international holding company working in the field of creation of heavy equipment for nuclear medicine, and production of mobile medical complexes "turnkey" that, obviously, will be actual in our huge country. But the appearance of foreign companies on such sites indicates the beginning of obvious warming in respect of our country, at least from the international medical community. 

"We set a task to reduce mortality by 50 per cent in the next decade," said Dr.  Krishnan Susantiran, President of Best Medical International, Canada, after signing a Memorandum of cooperation. "This is a very ambitious goal. But, at the enhancement of our joint efforts, it is quite achievable" - said Mr. Susantiran.

The first international forum of oncology and radiology continues its work till September 28. Leading experts from Russia, Europe and Asia take part in its thematic sections and schools. 11 narrow themed congresses are declared, including oncoorthopedics, neuro-oncology, organization of health care and nursing in oncology.

In a framework of the forum the III international readings will be held on September 27 in Tsyba medical radiological scientific center (Obninsk) in memory of academician Tsyba, dedicated to the problems of nuclear medicine.

Press service of FSBI «National medical radiological research center» of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.