The history of Association dates back to 2000, when from 13 to 16 of June the first Russian scientific forum was held in the International Trade Center with the international participation «Radiodiagnostics and radiotherapy at the turn of the third millennium», on which it was decided to organize the Russian Association of therapeutic radiation oncologists (RATRO).

The foundation RATRO conference was held on September 1 in 2000, where the association statute, design of the corporate seal were approved, authorities and auditor’s organs were elected.  President of RATRO professor Goldobenko Heinrich was unanimous elected, but from the 12th of April in 2001 the association was led by professor Mardinskiy Yury.

A certificate of registration was collected in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on November 27 in 2000.

The association was registered in all legal and social organizations in May 2001:

  • regional office of Ministry for Taxes and Charges of the Russian Federation;
  • Moscow City Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund;
  • regional office of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation;
  • Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (certificate of insurance has been got).

The Russian Association of therapeutic radiation oncologists (RATRO) was admitted to the Russian oncology association as an associated member at the V Annual Russian Oncology Conference on November 27-29 in 2001.

The 14th of December 2002 was the turning step in development of radiation oncology in Europe. Representatives of 35 national societies with the participation of RATRO at ESTRO workshop in Brussels (Belgium), where RATRO was admitted as an associated member, unanimous approved following documents:

  • Minimum requirements of post-graduate practice of radiation oncologists;
  • Guidance for institutions, preparing radiation oncologists;
  • Principles of introduction and usage of log-book system for students majoring in radiation oncology.     

Surely such standardization takes time, that’s why the first start-up depends on specific conditions in each country. However it’s very important that Russia has become an equal member of European radiotherapeutic community, and in future qualified radiotherapists, members of RATRO, will be able to work in any European country.

II RATRO congress was held in Obninsk on September 21-22 in 2006. A set of questions was resolved at the congress. Chernichenko Andrei was elected as President of RATRO.

Portback election conference of the Association was held on the 15th of March in 2016, where RATRO’s results were summed up. During 15 years 18 conferences were held in different regions of the country and abroad. Contemporary issues of radiotherapy development were discussed at the conferences. The problem of radiotherapy application still remains unsolved in our country. Started up in 2009 National Oncology Program of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation was carried out. The program aims to develop medical aid for oncological sick. Subjects of the Russian Federation have been gradually placed on a plan till 2015. Oncologic dispensaries were reequipped by modern diagnostic and radiotherapy facility. Obviously doctors need to improve professional qualification to work with such facility. There is a problem of doctors, medical physicists, and modern radiotherapeutic equipment maintenance technicians training.

The main aims are collective assistance in development of radiotherapy service in the country, sponsorship for contacts between professionals and contacts with ESTRO (European Society for  radiotherapy and oncology), also for skills improvement of specialists, who use radiotherapy in cancer medicine.

Special academic, organizational, technical work has been done for this period. Much is to be done for occupation formation, which was legally approved in 2009. Also much is to be done for training of new staff for modern radiotherapeutic equipment maintenance, and for cooperation between the association and Russian and foreign organizations. Kaprin Andrey – a person with a huge organizational experience - was unanimous elected as President of the association.

The main goal of RATRO is a progressive development of radiation oncology in all respects with the help of integrating efforts of all members to realize creative potential and socio-legal defense of intervention, physicotechnical and clinical radiology specialists.

The first all-Russian RATRO congress «New technologies in radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Long-term development» was held in Sochi on April 27-28 in 2017. The main problems and prospects of radiotherapy and nuclear medicine in Russia, radiotherapy under the conditions of radiomodification, its combination with target and immune therapy, modern methods of palliative care and chemoradiotherapy, new approaches to combination of surgery and radiological methods of treatment, problems of nuclear medicine and medical physics were discussed at the congress.

Chief external expert-radiologist of Russian Ministry of Health, leading oncologists, radiotherapists, oncosurgeons, chemotherapists, medical physicists, diagnosticians of the Russian Federation took part in the congress. There was video conference with oncology centres all over the country and online broadcasting www.sochi2017.ratro.ru . The congress was accredited in continuing medical education, on the morrow of the affair the participants got standard certificates. The result of the congress was adoption of a resolution about top-priority goals and aims of RATRO in the short and long-term perspective.

Nowadays RATRO unites more than 400 radiotherapists (radiologists) from different regions of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Vladimir, Obninsk, Armavir, Sochi, Khabarovsk, Ufa and others).