Goals and objectives

Goals of association are:

  • universal development of native radiation oncology in all respects;
  • integrating efforts and coordination of activities of associations and communities – members of the Association, hassled of therapeutic radiation oncology theory and practice in aid of improving the level of medical service in the Russian Federation;
  • design and implementation assistance of international, national and regional projects and programs, aimed at improvement of diagnostics and disease treatment effectiveness, phylactic health protection enhancement, protection of human health and environment;
  • professional consolidation, strengthening and development of professional and humanist contacts between specialists, hassled of intervention, physicotechnical and clinical radiology;
  • representation of legal interests; assistance of professional and constitutional rights defense of association members;
  • international cooperation development in the sphere of therapeutic radiation oncology.

 Association solves the following issues:

  • builds a strategic vision of therapeutic radiation oncology in the light of international experience and particular conditions and characteristics of each regions of the Russian Federation;
  • organizes and carries out fundamental applied research and inventions in the field of intervention, physicotechnical, clinical radiation oncology  and allied disciplines;
  • contributes to optimum practical  use of methods and techniques of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of human malignancies, implementation of new certified scientific research results, technologies, methods and techniques, guaranteeing high quality and safety of medical service;
  • participates, organizes and holds conferences, scientific meetings, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions for the purpose of popularization of scientific achievements and practice in the field of therapeutic radiation oncology, escalation of reduction them to practice;
  • works out and introduces propositions, takes part in working out of long-range plans of health protection development, medical aid quality increase,  improvement of scientific and practical work in the field of therapeutic radiation oncology;
  • participates in design and implementation of international, national and regional ecological programs, connected with medicophysical technologies and healthcare;
  • participates in unification of national normative documents, affording safety of patient and medical personnel, formulates documents in accordance with international standards;
  • carries out an independent public and scientific expert examination  of state-run and private programs of therapeutic radiation oncology and healthcare development, scientific-research programs, inventions and discoveries;
  • realizes scientific-research and developmental inventions along the lines of association activity, works out management methodological approach to treatment of oncology patients, resident at the territory with higher background radiation;
  • renders methodological and practical assistance in organization of healthcare system in the field of therapeutic radiation oncology, takes part together with government bodies of health in solving issues of enhancement of therapeutic radiation oncology;
  • contributes to further scientific and technical progress; informs therapeutic radiation oncology specialists of all levels about new technologies, international and national normative documents in the field of therapeutic radiation oncology  and allied disciplines;
  • cooperates with medical education system development, takes part in upgrade skills of doctors and specialists of therapeutic radiation oncology, widening and deepening of their specific knowledges, organizes sharing of best practice;
  • participates in unification of requirements to therapeutic radiation oncology  specialists, mutual recognition of diplomas and certificates, given at different states;
  • explores demand for specialists of intervention, physicotechnical, clinical radiation oncology, gives recommendations in accordance with needs of administrative territories  to organizations for opening of training facilities at the educational medical research institutes, at the large oncologic dispensaries;
  • bolsters the educational level in higher and secondary special school of medical profile through implementation of the best practices of teaching and learning process, upgrade qualifications of teachers, armamentarium, realizes international curricula exchange;
  • according to established procedure together with health authorities participates in review of specialists in the field of intervention, physicotechnical and clinical radiation oncology, estimates their qualification and gives recommendations in cases of applying for a job;
  • sends scientists and practitioners, students and postgrads of  medical educational institutions to study, undergo a training and scientific research in the foreign scientific medical treatment facilities, accepts in Russia scientists and specialists, working or studying on the subject of the association;
  • supports research institutes and scientific centers, involved with problems of theory and practice of therapeutic radiation oncology, enlists their research group in academic research works on the contract base;
  • participates, organizes and holds scientific contests to search and support the most effective groundbreaking ideas, original scientific solutions, the latest technologies;
  • participates according to established procedure in licensing and accreditation of medical treatment facilities;
  • establishes all alone and together with different Russian and foreign legal entities firms, laboratories, centers, institutes of therapeutic radiation oncology  and engineering;
  • helps together with relevant authorities to project or modernize placements for departments of radiation oncology;  
  • together with relevant organizations devises a strategy and carries out production and procurement of equipment for radiation therapy of oncologic patients;
  • establishes mass media, realizes publishing activities, participates in design and program implementation of preparation and issue of a specialized scientific magazine, bulletin, collections, monographies, encyclopedic and popular science editions, recommends to publish transactions of RATRO members, approbates and reviews discoveries and inventions;
  • participates in popularization and spread of scientific knowledge, experience of using of technical and technological know-how, achievements of manufacturing companies of medical equipment;

realizes informative consulting activities, creates data pool in the line of association activities, assists to create single electronic information space by posting materials of the association on the Internet.